Upcoming Actions

Ruben Diaz’s Drag Race

Date:  Sunday, May 15th

Time: 10:30am-4:00pm

Location:  NYC AIDS Walk Route (Riverside Drive & West 95th Street), NYC

Sunday, May 15th is the AIDS Walk in New York City. Since 1986, this walk raised more than $116 million for HIV programs and services in the tri-state area, and has grown into the largest AIDS fundraising event in the world, uniting people of every background and sexuality to fight HIV/AIDS.

Unfortunately, this year, NYS Senator Ruben Diaz (D, Bronx), has decided to throw his own bigoted, anti-marriage equality event in the Bronx on the same day in an attempt to divert attention from the AIDS Walk. This is particularly offensive and disgusting given the tragic reality that the people in the Bronx continue to suffer more deaths from HIV/AIDS than any other NY borough.

SO, we are fighting back! Join Queer Rising as we gather to transform Reverend Diaz’s bigotry into big bucks for the AIDS Walk!

Today, Queer Rising will station itself alongside the AIDS Walk Route, at Riverside Drive and West 95th Street, with a large cut-out figure of Rev. Ruben Diaz and many fabulous costume changes. People will have the opportunity to have their photo taken with Rev. Diaz for $1. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO GMHC, WITH A REQUEST THAT THEY BE DIRECTED TO PROGRAMS IN THE BRONX.

All photos can be seen on Queer Rising’s Tumblr Page: rubensdragrace.tumblr.com

Join us to show how much fun queering up a bigot for a good purpose can be.


One Response to Upcoming Actions

  1. tabitha says:

    I am a proud lesbian in the state of GA who would give anything to be able to legally marry my one true love, the woman who completes me, who I raise my children with. She has no legal rights to the children she has loved and taken care of for years. The south is so self rightous, full of religous bigotry.. My very own brother is a southern baptist preacher who denies me & my children as being even family.. Afraid that my children, who are 7 and 11, will teach his children to be “gay” or it may be contagious.. Sad doesnt begin to cover it. I support your cause so fully, there should be more people out there supporting the cause.. Thank you..

    Tabitha Johnson
    Resaca, GA

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