Marriage Equality Action, Rush Hour Midtown (3/1/11)

8 Queer Rising Members Arrested, Demand Marriage Equality in NYC

Blocking Midtown Rush Hour Traffic

Queer Rising’s protest against New York’s discriminatory marriage laws ends in arrest after eight members refused to move from the intersection at 42nd St. and 6th Avenue. A 75-foot banner reading “NY DEMANDS MARRIAGE EQUALITY NOW!” was unfurled.

Unwilling to wait any longer for equal rights and protection from the state of New York, the eight activists refused to let Manhattan go on with business as usual while thousands of LGBTQ families live as second-class citizens.  LGBTQ people throughout the state are no longer willing to remain silent until the unjust marriage laws change.

“It’s a sad thing that I have to go to such extreme lengths for rights that others were born with,” said Frostie Flakes, one of the three arrested drag queens.

“We do not enjoy inconveniencing drivers on their hectic morning commute,” said Jake Goodman, a member of Queer Rising and another arrestee, “but we less enjoy living without the 1,324 protections and rights granted by state-recognized marriage. We only hope others stop the routine of their everyday lives to join us and demand marriage equality now.”

Those arrested were: Kevin Beauchamp, blind gay activist; Nora Camp, queer activist; Natasha Dillon, lesbian activist; Frostie Flakes (aka Adam Siciliano), drag queen activist; Jake Goodman, queer activist; Honey LaBronx (aka Ben Strothmann), drag queen activist; Eugene Lovendusky, gay activist; Kitten Withuwip (aka Caldwell) drag queen activist.

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