Join the Fight/Get Involved

If you live in the New York City area and would like to join Queer Rising, you can do so by just showing up!

We meet every Sunday evening from 6-8 PM.

Email for location and more information.

Stay in the know with Queer Rising actions:

1. Email with “Add me to Action Alerts” in the subject line

2. Join our Facebook Group

3. Bookmark our Upcoming QR Actions page


Don’t live in NYC? Want to start your own direct action/civil disobedience group? See the Plan an Action page or email us with questions –


2 Responses to Join the Fight/Get Involved

  1. Heather Sheridan says:

    I want to start a chapter in Syracuse, NY. I started a facebook group. Can you recommend a good photo to use for the profile? Here is a link to the Facebook page.!/group.php?gid=140056782680924&v=info

    • alanbounville says:

      Awesome – yay for you taking up the charge!!!

      I’ll email you the graphics you can freely use. The Queer Rising name and graphics are open to anyone who wants to use them – In my personal opinion the name of the group is a way for people to find you – but is the human story you create with your actions that matter the most in our fight.

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